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Real Estate collage cources

The certificate in Real Estate is Students are also able to register per course at the prices listed below plus the $35 registration fee. To register for courses.
Visit the Department of Real Estate website at Cerritos College for valuable information: 1. Real Estate Classes Offered for Fall 6.
Real Estate courses are offered during the day and online. Moreover, you can complete the program in as little as one semester or you can even complete the. Real Estate collage cources

Real Estate collage cources - DRIVE Saves

Located in New York, New York, the campus offers an urban setting for students to study in. Search all of Bellevue College. Students develop skills in collaboration and communication and are instilled with an inherent understanding of ethical responsibility. The school serves Washoe County, primarily the Truckee Meadows area for which it is named. Fundamental information regarding practice of real estate with emphasis on real estate law, principles, practice, and other topics covered in the state licensure examination. A foundational real estate course covering day-to-day operations in real estate sales and brokerage, including: Listing, prospecting, advertising, financing, sales techniques, and escrow. The curriculum provides a multidisciplinary approach with the related disciplines such as building construction, architecture and urban planning resulting in a comprehensive, in depth educational experience.