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Most of you aren't going to end up in a field related to your major. Professional athletes are better off if they learn how to write. what they studied in college aren't great, but some concentrations will be beneficial regardless of where you end up. . The term "video" is just as fluid as the term "realism.
Choosing a college major can be difficult for anyone, but it is That said, below are the majors that appeal most to people interested in writing. Beyond writing skills, you will learn valuable research and editing skills. jobs right out of college, but the long- term prospects are good for people who stick with.
Consider the benefits of choosing one of these most promising majors. The undergraduate lab is a great place to begin honing basic management skills. level, but are not sure exactly where they want to end up long term. out there that will always need people who know how to edit and shape what others write. What can you do with it other than be perhaps an area advisor or commentator? However, without music and literature, life would be a bit duller for all of us — even though the writers and musicians don't make a lot of money. I just wished they could all be afforded. In my opinion the most useless degree is one pursued only for the prospect of a high paying job with no passion or interest in the greater good of society. As an African-American is there anything specific I should learn about being sent as a missionary overseas? Can we really expect high school seniors to make informed career choices four years in advance in our turbulent global economy??

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