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General Studies law sydney university

Study General Studies & Classics at universities or colleges in Australia - find range of disciplines in business, education, law, healthcare, social services, and.
This page details the Diploma Of General Studies course offered by Charles Sturt University in Sydney / NSW. You can search for similar courses from this.
Bachelor of International and Global Studies and Bachelor of Laws anthropology, sociology and cultural and linguistic studies, this combined law qualification  Missing: general. Animal and Veterinary Sciences. The credit transfer policies of the Law School and its partner faculties are used when determining the amount of credit for previous studies. You will be assessed according to either your tertiary grades or your secondary qualifications, whichever is higher. Whether you dream of being the CEO of your own company or becoming a senior executive in a global enterprise, our Business courses will equip you with the knowledge, experience and contacts to get you on your way. Contemporary International Studies The Bachelor of Arts Contemporary International Studies draws from a range of subjects including history, General Studies law sydney university, international relations, languages, cultural studies and politics, giving you a broad perspective on current issues in the world and how these impact on Australia and its international relations. Queensland University of Technology Bachelor Science and Arts Double Degree In this double degree, you can study majors from two different areas, one from the School of Science and one from the Faculty of Humanities. University of Southern Queensland B.
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