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Astrophysics good majors

Astrophysics majors often pursue careers similar to Physics majors. By volunteering in the community, you work for a good cause, explore career options, gain.
1) You get a shot at a good education. In the US there are maybe universities where you can get a very good education in astrophysics ;.
From a more theoretical astrophysics viewpoint, I would say it would be easier than a transition How good in math are most leading astrophysics researchers? Do you have to be a genius to be good at maths, or can hard work play a major. Astrophysics good majors
1. Introduction

Astrophysics good majors - could cause

Going to grad school and deciding it is not for you a big opportunity cost. Another rehashed blast from the past. If you just want to get a job out of college, do engineering. You are using an out of date browser. When you get to college, it's going to be very easy to do that since you can rub shoulders with some seriously brilliant minds.