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brilliance college psc mock test subjects kind of research paper

PSC Model Tests. English · പൊതുവിജ്ഞാനം · General Knowledge · PSC Degree Level (Secretariat Assistant, BDO, Panchayat Secretary, Deputy Collector,  Missing: subjects ‎ research.
HSA Model Question Paper Psychological bases of Teaching the subject - Implications of Piaget, Qualities of a good test - Types of test items- Evaluation of projects, Qualities - Essential teaching skills - Microteaching - Action research. Bohr atom model, vector atom model, hydrogen spectra, nuclear structure and.
General Knowledge · General English · Quantitative Aptitude · Test of Reasoning · Previous Questions · Model Question Paper · MOCK MOCK TEST 18 . Central Food Technological Research Institute is situated in: The type of bacteria which can prepare their own food is. Zoogeography Animal distribution — Different types, factors affecting distribution. Community ecology :- Definition, Species diversity. Gastrula — Morphogenetic movements — concept of germ layers. Vector differentiation- unit tangent vector, unit normal vector, curvature, torsion, vector fields, scalar fields, gradient divergence, curl, directional derivatives. Semiconductor physics- diodes, transistors, amplifiers, oscillators, logic gates. Genomic library cDNA library, PCR, DNA sequencing Human Genome Project Hybridoma and monoclonal antibodies, transgenic organisms. First law of thermodynamics — Joule-Thomson effect - Liquefaction of gases — Inversion temperature.

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Ultra structure and functions of Plasma membrane, Plasma membrane model — fluid mosaic, Functions, Membrane transport, Cell communication - Modifications of Plasma membrane. NATURAL SCIENCE PART A. Wave nature of matter, uncertainty principle, postulates of wave mechanics, Schrodinger equation. Blotting Techniques Southern, Northern and Western, DNA finger printing. Integration — methods of integration, definite integrals — properties. PSC Model Tests -. Rotational, vibrational, Raman, Electronic and NMR spectroscopy: Basic Principles and applications. brilliance college psc mock test subjects kind of research paper

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Environment and human health: Human rights- The Ecological crisis- industrialization- the human transformation of the earth- human activity is placing the biosphere under increasing stress growth of the world economy- urbanization- the vulnerable planet. India as mega diversity nation- hotsposts of biodiversity, threats to biodiversity- Conservation of biodiversity- The conservation strategies are multidimensional- National parks, wildlife sanctuaries. Ethology Motivation, Learning — types, socio biology, pheromones, human pheromone. Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome b Allosomal e. Principles and applications of Column chromatography, Paper chromatography, Thin layer chromatography, Ion exchange chromatography, - Rf values.