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Forensic Psychology yale college undergraduate majors

True to the mission of liberal arts, the curriculum at Yale is arranged to allow students the flexibility to achieve both breadth across the curriculum and depth in.
The following is a list of our degree-granting academic departments and programs. For a list of undergraduate majors, see the Yale College Programs of Study.
Director of undergraduate studies: Woo-Kyoung Ahn, 319 SSS, These courses represent major content areas of psychology ; students should.

Forensic Psychology yale college undergraduate majors - not use

Interested students are encouraged to meet with the track adviser, Dr. Topics include memory, reward processing, neuroeconomics, individual differences, emotion, social inferences, and clinical disorders. The nature and function of emotions in social context. Exploration of the psychological and social functions of nonverbal behavior e. Registration is for the entire third year of study. Seminar on the literature on the categorization of social groups that leads to stereotyping and consequent prejudice and discrimination. Students will write a paper on an aspect of this interdisciplinary field that interests them. First check FAQ section. Astronomy and Physics B. This course focuses on theoretical, methodological, and practical issues in psychological assessment. Empirical research projects or literature review. The seminar examines research on the psychology of decision making, focusing on judgment. Agent based models, game theory, and evolutionary dynamics will be applied to social psychological phenomena such as cooperation, dating, and intergroup relations. Lab meeting is held once a week throughout the year, and is attended by undergraduate and graduate students, research staff, postdoctoral fellows, and other researchers interested in the weekly topics.