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Anthropology college classes subjects

If you decide to study anthropology, you may draw upon subjects such as Most anthropology courses last for three or four years at undergraduate level and.
TYPICAL MAJOR COURSES. Archaeological field methods; Biological anthropology ; Culture and personality; Forensic anthropology ; Human origins and.
Cultural Anthropology The course provides a cross-cultural, critical perspective on human behavior and society. The diversity of human cultures from nomadic.

Anthropology college classes subjects - more information

Introduction to cultural and linguistic evolution. Students will study the conceptualization of family and kinship, cultural definitions of race and color, ethnicity, cultural identity, racial classifications, transracial adoption, syncretism and social stratification around the world, with an emphasis on intercultural love in the United States, the West Indies, and Brazil. Field course involving direct student participation in archaeological data collection through excavation of buried historic or prehistoric site deposits. We will examine how people have imagined the connections among these islands and between the islands and the rest of the world. Your web browser must have JavaScript enabled. The course provides a cross-cultural, critical perspective on human behavior and society. In order to understand the various debates and their stakes, we will read anthropological accounts of communities in which sex, gender and sexuality are construed very differently from our own and combine these with discussions of documentary and popular movies and video clips. 1. Evolution of Sex and Reproductive Strategies Anthropology Learning Goals: Expectations and Course. Anthropologies of Development and Humanitarianism. Anthropology of the Contemporary. Advanced Topics in Anthropology. Consideration of both morphological and molecular studies. Special Topics: The Animal in Anthropology.
Anthropology college classes subjects