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Ultrasound Technician best universities for psychology major

How to Find the Best Bachelor Degree Programs ; Prerequisites The Bachelor degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography is a four-year . Human anatomy; Biology; Psychology ; Math for biological sciences; College algebra.
I go to a community college right now, and honestly from the looks of it I won't be able school to a get my degree in psychology /English because I can't afford it. find a job, and what in your opinion is the best associate's degree I could get?.
By Iris Stone Posted August For years, psychology has been one of the most popular choices for undergraduate majors. On the one hand, the chance to.

Ultrasound Technician best universities for psychology major - matter

A sonographer has an in-depth knowledge of physics, disease processes, human anatomy, and sonographic technique necessary to create ultrasound images. The curriculum also creates space for students to complete fieldwork, internships, and assistantships in the surrounding community. The clinical component can be taken up to four days a week. Select a degree level... Brianna in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania said: Hi, I'd really appreciate anyone's advice on this. Ohio Columbus Ohio State University. Ultrasound Technician best universities for psychology major 4 High-End Careers (NO DEGREE REQUIRED) This program is accredited by CAAHEP and its graduates are eligible to sit for the ARMDS certification exams. One of the hallmarks of the program is collaborative research between faculty and students. Program Website Duke offers undergraduate majors and minors in both psychology and Neuroscience. And dmshopeful, I never considered those, but I'll look into what they are. Graduates may attend law or medical school, choose another graduate program, or find a job in business, advertising, or computer science.