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Anthropology online writing projects

Teaching Anthropology Through Student Writing Projects on research assignment,to contribute new content to the free, online encyclopedia.
I know there are other great online projects out there, so please feel free .. Online platforms, particularly blogs, also get us to practice writing.
SSHEL Guide to Anthropology Research Methodology and Writing Guides SSHEL Research Methodology Books and Online Resources. Freelance Writing Jobs Online Wizard Writers. I was also struck how archaeology provides a model for thinking about the demands of curation and access to sites, just that these are digital ones. The emphasis on different design and substantive logics provides a way to articulate those different threads, and thus a format to present complex information Anthropology online writing projects behind the front page in a more accessible and understandable way. In discussion of peer review, artistic production e. Cultural Anthropologyone of the leading scholarly journals for cultural anthropologists, is going through a transformation from a print journal to a digital journal.

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Modify, remix, and reuse just remember to cite OCW as the source. While technical people simply called this normal, Kim hinted at the inherent frustrations of moving from one platform to another. Please type in your last name. Diverse perspectives on science and medicine. I am working on several digital anthro projects now and already authored a set of digital ethnographies — Oak Park Stories distributed by DER. Open access is often presented as a be-all end-all ideal, but it should be questioned. Kim Christen, Mukurtu and indigenous communities are also integrating Traditional Knowledge Licenses into the overall digital effort.