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Sports Management college majors

Name: Dr. Ken Wright, Professor, College of Human Environmental Sciences - College -of-Business/Business- Degree / Sports - Management - Degree.php.
You also have the option to browse through our guide to affordable sports management programs. Here you'll find detailed info about degree options, sample.
Below is a list of universities offering sport management programs in the United States. The data used to create this list are maintained by Degrees In Sports. Any requests for California, Saint Marys College of California. California, San. The University of Tennessee Volunteers compete in Division I of the NCAA in the Southeastern Conference Eastern division. Students may be required to take some foundational business classes as a prerequisite for the program. Every school on this list is a member of the North American Society for Sports Management. Areas of focus for the discipline include human resource management, promotional strategies, sports officiating, principles and coaching, Sports Management college majors, and organizational and administrative skills in sports. Both of the final two remaining at the original charter members of the NFL got their start in Chicago, the Bears and the Chicago Cardinals, which are now based in Arizona. Sports Management college majors