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ABE International College of Business and Accountancy, Taft. Bachelor of School Administration and Supervision, Computer Aided Two-year Preparatory Law Course .. Arellano University, Manila .. Creative Writing, Theater Arts, Art Management . Educational Management, Curriculum and Supervision GR No. 54.
Dean Merlin M. Magallona's “The Philippines in the International Law of the PNP renews a Memorandum of Agreement with UP College of Law on legal 3/ F UP Law Center, Bocobo Hall, Diliman, Quezon City custom dissertation writing.

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All classes held outside of their regular schedule must be approved by the Dean. Permission for a leave of absence must be sought from the Dean so as not to affect the status of the student. Except for clearly meritorious reasons, students whose total cumulative leaves of absence exceed four semesters shall not be allowed to re-enroll in the College. However, if the subject with the failed grade has not yet been passed, the failed grade s shall be included in the computation of the GWA. Methods and Medium of Instruction.
Discussions, lectures, role-playing, moots and other methods may be also used as additional methods of instruction in order to sharpen the lawyering skills of the students. An annual award given in memory of the late University Chairman which is awarded to the student who has obtained the highest GWA average in the entire course among those that took and finished all their subjects in AUSL without any failing grade. Changing, Transfer, and Adding of Subjects. The modified Socratic method or question and answer system is the principal method of instruction used in the classroom to enable students to think clearly under pressure, to learn to analyze problem situations and develop in them a critical attitude towards the subject matter being discussed. Arellano University School of Law Taft Avenue Corner Menlo St.

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A student who fails to meet his assigned GWA for his year level shall be encouraged to study harder and shall be required to attend diagnostic classes. For purposes of control, the year first enrolled in, as indicated in the permanent student number of the student, shall be used. The Diploma shall be proof that the graduate has successfully satisfied all the requirements leading to the degree specified. This computation shall be for the use of the GWA in the application of future Retention Policies and shall in no way be used to compute for the GWA to be used for Academic purposes. On the other hand, Miscellaneous fees or fiduciary accounts are accouts that belong to the recepuent of the fund reserved for the alone. The General Weighted Average or GWA is the average of grades in all subjects taken, whether passed or failed, in AUSL or in any other law school, except as may be provided herein. At any rate, the Dean reserves the right to adjust the admission GWA requirement to a more favorable rate.