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Physics difficult college subjects

You're going to need physics for most engineering courses, so either gut it out or change majors. . Is this a college course? or just an introductory. We learned.
I'm a freshman planning on majoring in CS and this is my first semester in college . I'm doing well in all my other courses, all A's (calc, intro to  Why is Physics so hard?.
So I'm wondering: what was it that made physics hard for you? . Physics had BOTH the hardest course I had (Electromagnetics) and easiest  Is AP Physics 1 supposed to be difficult? — College. Physics difficult college subjects
It all comes down to this: not all courses, and not all course loads, are created equal, not even if you go to Harvard. The Her Campus Book. Dorm Room Grocery List. Most of the class was him deriving and proving formulas on the board in front of the class, and I would zone out after a few minutes. OP: Dude, welcome to the club.