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Occupational Therapy good degrees to get

View activity ideas. OT Articles >> How To Obtain Your Occupational Therapy Degree as well as patience. Other useful skills include such things as writing.
If you are interested in occupational therapy, great! pursuing occupational therapy, and you either don't want to go for your master's degree.
Both degree levels prepare graduates to be entry-level practitioners; however, How do I find a program with this specialty? Occupational therapy provides a great deal of career flexibility.

Occupational Therapy good degrees to get - the

You are advised to call facilities rather than email them. So there can be trade-offs to such choices, but it depends on your situation and your rationale for whatever choices you are considering. Strive for a high GPA, particularly in science courses, and consider volunteering or doing an internship with a licensed occupational therapist. Through the AOTA, you can also seek special certifications in specific areas, such as pediatrics or geriatrics. Neither the American Occupational Therapy Association AOTA nor ACOTE ranks programs. Various programs may exceed the minimum standards, but they are not acknowledged as such by AOTA. Find out how occupational therapy helps people with polytraumatic injuries. Occupational Therapy good degrees to get Considering an Occupational Therapy Graduate Program?