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The online Master degree in Health Informatics at University of South Florida requires 11 courses, or 32 credit hours, including a project in health informatics.
While not always required for admission into an online health informatics master's degree program, a background in health care or information technology can.
Join a community of professionals transforming health care charting new professional directions for themselves with a master's degree in health informatics. Demand for Health Informatics Professionals

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Scholastica developed the first health information management HIM program in the United States. The Master of Science in Health Informatics is a professional graduate degree program designed to cultivate senior and executive level health informatics professionals. The Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education CAHIIM provides curriculum guidance for healthcare informatics programs such as those on this list. This program is designed for individuals from a variety of backgrounds including health care, information technology and business. Yes, it is a complement your existing degree s. Download the brochure for complete program details. Health Informatics masters orgt

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Typically, the candidates have some sort of professional experience in their background that comes from either in healthcare or in information technology. Students choose from one of two learning pathways for this degree program. The program culminates in a capstone course, in which students must write and present an applied research project. There is a growing need for trained informaticians. About the Program Video.